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          Tianjin Haitong Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.

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          Tianjin Haitong Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.
          Contact: Luna Liu
          Tel: +86-22-58955980
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          Address: 18-701, No.99, The 4th Street, TEDA, Tianjin, P. R. China
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          Ammonium Molybdate

          Product Name:  Ammonium Molybdate
          CAS No:  13106-76-8
          Usage:  Industrial Grade/ Fertilizer Grade
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          Product Introduction

          Ammonium Molybdate is also called Ammonium Tetramolybdate (ATM) according to the formula. ATM is a white crystalline powder, easily effloresce in air, Slightly soluble in water. Soluble in ammonia water and aikalies.

          Used in produce pure molybdenum trioxide, and subsequent reduction to molybdenum flat and molybdenum component. ATM is also widely used in hydrotreating catalyst, desulfurization catalyst for oil refinement. In fertilizer catalyst and dyestuff.


          ITEM Actual Test Value                  
          Mo,%                     56%
          S,% 0.03
          Al,% 0.003
          Fe,% 0.005
          Cu,% 0.002
          Ca+Mg,% 0.003
          Si,% 0.007
          W,% 0.02
          P,% 0.0015

          Plastic bag lined steel drum, 50KG/ 250KG
          Plastic bag lined fiber bag, 25KG/ 1000KG

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