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          Tianjin Haitong Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.

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          Tianjin Haitong Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.
          Contact: Luna Liu
          Tel: +86-22-58955980
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          Address: 18-701, No.99, The 4th Street, TEDA, Tianjin, P. R. China
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          Sodium acid pyrophosphate

          Product Name:  Sodium acid pyrophosphate
          CAS No:  7758-16-9
          Usage:  It acts as a buffer leaven modifier emulsifier nutrient and canning preservative in foods.
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          Product Introduction


          Molecular formula: Na2H2P2O7
          CAS No.: 7758-16-9

          EINECS No.:  231-835-0

          Molecular weight: 221.95

          Appearance: White power granular or powder, soluble in water, acidic property appeared in aqueous solution.

          Specification: HG2928-1999



          95.0% min
          pH value
          Water insoluble
          1.0% max
          Fluoride (F)
          0.005% max
          Heavy metal(as Pb)
          10 ppm max
          Arsenic (As)
          3 ppm max


          Package: 25 kg net in woven bag with plastic liner.

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