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          Tianjin Haitong Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.

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          Tianjin Haitong Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.
          Contact: Luna Liu
          Tel: +86-22-58955980
          Fax: +86-22-58955969
          Email: info@haitonglongwin.com
          Address: 18-701, No.99, The 4th Street, TEDA, Tianjin, P. R. China
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          Potassium pyrophosphate

          CAS No:7320-34-5      Price:
          Usages:used as emulsifying agent, chelated agent, quality improver in the process of foodstuff, to prevent
          Introduction:Appearance: white powder or granules.Specification: FCC V Paramet

          Soy lecithin (liquid)

          CAS No:8002-43-5      Price:
          Usages:It is widely used as emulsifying agent in food industries, such as baking food, chocolate, candy, ic
          Introduction: Specification:foodgrade ParametersSpecificationAcetoneinsoluble60-65%Aetherinsoluble0.8%m

          Sodium acid pyrophosphate

          CAS No:7758-16-9      Price:
          Usages:It acts as a buffer leaven modifier emulsifier nutrient and canning preservative in foods.
          Introduction: Molecularformula:Na2H2P2O7 CASNo.:7758-16-9EINECSNo.:  231-835-0Molecularweight
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